Triple F Training, LLC Mission

At Triple F Training, LLC our primary mission is to provide you with the tools to instinctively survive a hostile situation. Taking into consideration the reality that the predisposition to both Flight and Fight exist in each and every one of us, we want to rewire your response processes so that the latter is the case more times than not.
Our Mission Statement is: Transforming Would-Be Soft Targets From VICTIMS to VICTORS!!!

"My purpose is not toward the indictment of the nature or the hearts of men, but rather an endeavor to neutralize the efforts of those otherwise good men who would make conscious choice to deliver evil upon those otherwise helpless men."

If you're looking for something to prepare you for the next general public sporting event, such as a road race, obstacle course or tough man contest... Look elsewhere! If your stress counselor says you need to pick up a new hobby... Please, bypass our site!!! At Triple F Training, LLC we have a singular interest, and that is to provide you with the physical, mental and technical arsenal to preserve your life and to protect the lives of your family, friends and love ones! So if its fun & games you're looking for...we're not your cup of tea. At Triple F Training, LLC we're in the business of Serious Business!!!

Group training sessions typically begin the first week of every month. However individual and personalized training is available at any time.

Sifu Khalfani is also available for VIP Protection services, Seminars, Lectures and Workshops

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