History of Triple F Training, LLC

Triple F Training, LLC is the brainchild of Sifu Khalfani Bakari Yabuku. He first came across the idea 15 years ago. At that time he had been in law enforcement 21 years. Due to his passion for public service and the protection of others, he struggled with the idea that he could not personally be everywhere, protecting everyone at any given time. He realized, after heavy contemplation, that if he would impart his knowledge of survival skills to people, he in fact would be extending or projecting himself into multiple situations at the same time. Sifu Khalfani set out to enhance the training he already had, as well as to obtain instructor level certifications in various modes of Fitness, Fighting and Firearms. Triple F Training, LLC was developed with the idea that personal preparedness included having the physical ability to endure a hostile situation (Fitness), a variety of non/less than lethal resources to rely on to address the situation (Fighting) and the ability to successfully protect yourself and your loved ones should the circumstances turn irreversibly and imminently lethal (Firearms).

Sifu Khalfani has more than 35 years of military and law enforcement experience. He spent 14 years in the US Army. 11 of the years were spent in the US Army Reserves, which overlapped his 28 years with the Atlanta Police Department. A tremendous amount of both careers was spent in the Combat/Tactical arena. Sifu Khalfani describes himself as simply being a public servant who lives to protect the decent from predators. No matter what the vocation or pursuit, over the years, one questions if their efforts are in vain. 15 years ago, while pondering the futility of his life's work, Sifu Khalfani developed what would remain his daily affirmation to this day: "My purpose is not toward the indictment of the nature or the hearts of men, but rather an endeavor to neutralize the efforts of those otherwise good men who would make conscious choice to deliver evil upon those otherwise helpless men."

At Triple F Training, LLC our primary mission is to provide you with the tools to instinctively survive a hostile situation. Taking into consideration the reality that the predisposition to both Flight and Fight exist in each and every one of us, we want to rewire your response processes so that the latter is the case more times than not.
Our Mission Statement is: Transforming Would-Be Soft Targets From VICTIMS to VICTORS!!!

 Sifu Khalfani is also available for seminars, lectures and workshops

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